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People & Strategy

Recent data indicates that there are approximately six million small businesses in America that have at least one employee. For a substantial percentage of those, the ability to recruit and retain the best people may realistically be their limiting factor. Why then do so many businesses put their focus (and resources) seemingly everywhere but people? Considering that business is so dependent on people, how is it not more of a strategic priority?

When discussing strategic planning with company leaders, the most difficult conversations are regarding people and where they fit into it. There always seems to be some skepticism that anything to do with people can be planned for and depended upon, especially over the long term. Frustrations relating to generational differences, changes in societal expectations, and a shrinking workforce are all regarded as beyond a leader’s control, so why should they put their time and effort into even discussing people as a strategic discipline? Their resources are better spent on predictable and actionable things like sales, marketing, and operational efficiencies.

I usually point out that all three of those rely on people in some way.

How does your company look at the people strategically?


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