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What We Believe

There is an art to leading a company, and there’s nothing easy about it. There are no magic wands or silver bullets, just hard work and determination. As the company leader there usually appears to be more questions than answers, and combined with all the competing interests demanding attention, the things happening beyond our control, and our self doubts, leading is never for the faint of heart. It doesn’t matter if the company is five or five hundred people; the complexity can be overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The Seven Summits is a business philosophy that focuses on the disciplines that comprise the systems versus the departments that make up the organization. It is about taking a holistic approach to business planning that results in a simplified approach to day-to-day complexities.

We believe that nothing happens due to a single cause. There are always multiple factors that contribute to both challenges and successes. We help you look at those seemingly individual events in the context of the system and problem-solving that considers the effects of the decisions made over the long term—this change of mindset results in a more sustainable way of operating the business.

Leading a company is not for everyone, and not everyone can do it, but Seven Summits Consulting, LLC, is committed to helping you take the next step to accomplishing your vision.

Every company has a plan.

To bring strategic planning to businesses through exposure to systems thinking and matching actions to dreams.


We listen with honesty and intent.

We learn with you.

We promote dialog with you and between you and your team.

We help you drive results.

“Our vision is to help businesses plan for the next five to seven years, incorporating their vision for growth and progress.”

Dan Koffel

Let’s talk.

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