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What We Do

At Seven Summits Consulting, LLC, we believe every organization needs a long term strategic plan to succeed. Our vision is to help businesses plan for the next five to seven years, incorporating their vision for growth and progress.

We understand that a good strategic plan must be comprehensive yet simple. It should also be easy to launch, as a plan that takes over a year to develop can lead to people losing interest and the plan becoming irrelevant.

To address this, we have developed a proprietary program that ensures a basic strategic plan can be developed in six months or less. We work with you and your team to ensure that the plan is implemented effectively, matching the actions to the needs of your business.

What sets us apart is that we not only teach you what needs to be done, but also how to do it, using systems thinking at the core.

Simplified Strategic Planning is our signature service.

You’re prepared to take the next step toward your vision, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We will work collaboratively with you and your team to develop a comprehensive strategy based on seven crucial disciplines. Our goal is to help you see your company as a system rather than a collection of separate departments. This holistic approach to business operations is essential for long-term success.

Additionally, we will assist you in implementing the plan to ensure that it doesn’t become another unused document on the shelf.

Sustainable organizations require workforce planning, cost control,
quality management, and asset utilization. Process improvement, supply
chain optimization, and enhanced performance metrics can address
short-term needs, all of which help guide the strategic planning process.

An independent review of your company’s financial statements is always a good idea. As the owner or senior leader, it can be easy to overlook potential issues or see what we want to see when reviewing our own finances. We recommend, and have the experience to conduct, a thorough financial review before embarking on the strategic planning process.

A company’s vision is a crucial element that determines its success. It should be more than just a slogan on a poster or an idea in the leader’s mind. The vision needs to be inspiring and relatable, be it a simple goal for the next few years or an ambitious plan to change the world.

The vision statement should paint a vivid picture of the company’s future and be supported by a robust strategy outlining the journey. We can help you create or refine your company’s vision statement to motivate and inspire your team.

Vision, Mission and Values are three fundamental elements shaping an organization’s culture and providing the framework for its success. While Vision represents where the company is headed, the Mission defines its purpose, including who it serves and what it aims to achieve. Asking “Why are we here, who do we serve, and what do we want to accomplish?” helps to articulate the Mission clearly.

Let’s Talk.

Let’s talk about your business and explore how the Seven Summits philosophy can benefit you and your organization.