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Brian Hutton, Principal, B. D. Hutton Consulting LLC, is a seasoned executive, who brings 40 years of design, manufacturing, automation and business management experience to the Seven Summits Consulting team. He has held key roles in a global, multi-billion-dollar corporate manufacturing company, as well as within a family owned, multi-national joint venture. Brian’s most recent responsibility was leading a fast growing, end-of-line robotic automation company in the Pacific Northwest. The firm grew four-fold during his time as general manager and president. This was accomplished through enhanced marketing, thoughtful system design standards and sourcing strategies, talented employees, and the creation of a high-performance employee team based on shared vision and company values. Culture, Communication and Customer Satisfaction were some of the key company attributes embraced by he and his team. 

Brian’s career has exposed him to many different corporate (publicly traded) and private business environments. As a degreed Mechanical Engineer (BSME) and former Oregon State licensed Professional Engineer, he began his career as a new product design engineer. Shortly after achieving his professional engineering license, Brian transitioned from design engineering into corporate management at an early age. His focus turned to global sourcing and procurement strategy, supporting a multi-national manufacturing firm. As a member of their world-wide manufacturing management team (at a leading forklift truck manufacturer), his responsibilities included leading a development procurement team for new products, while establishing global sourcing strategies for key components. During his tenure at the firm, Brian had the good fortune to attend and participate in numerous executive training opportunities: 

Professional Development for High Potential Employees, Corporate Sponsored Training @ Duke University, NC 

Executive Procurement Management, Anderson School of Management, UCLA 

Demand Flow Technology Training –JCIT Worldwide Flow College 

Materials Management Certificate Program, Professional Development Center, PSU 

Following a successful management career in the corporate environment, Brian wanted to run a business with family values. He had the good fortune to take on this challenge at a “young”, robotic integration company in need of leadership and structure. While the company had carved out a niche in a specific market sector — Brian led the expansion of their product offerings as well as expanding the company’s served markets beyond the USA and Canada. These efforts led to year-over-year record revenues and profits (and triple digit returns on invested capital). 

Brian’s team developed rigorous annual business plans along with 3-5 year strategic plans to guide their product and people development as well as their capacity planning activities. Plans always included Key Areas of Focus with associated key (leading and lagging) performance indicators (KPIs) to provide regular management feedback. Customer retention was a key element to business objectives. As such, Customer Satisfaction was always monitored. The company adopted the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology early in its history. The firm was always the leading company within its group of (family owned) peers – consistently delivering exceptional to world class customer satisfaction. 

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