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Who We Are

Dan Koffel
Founder & Principal,
Seven Summits Consulting, LLC

With a career spanning over four decades, Dan’s professional journey is a shining example of his adaptability and resilience. He started in the family construction company, honing his business and technical skills while laying the foundation for his future success.

In his late thirties, he left the family business to pursue an opportunity at a different company. This decision marked the beginning of a transformative journey that saw him take on various operational and executive leadership roles in the construction industry.

Dan’s vision and leadership skills were instrumental in the growth and development of the business he spent much of his career in. As president of an individual business unit, he and his team recorded record profits on the highest revenue ever experienced by the organization. Ultimately, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the nearly $100M enterprise comprising five companies.

As CEO, he led the corporation from losses in the fiscal year prior to his appointment to a return to profitability in the first year, effecting a turnaround of more than $5M over the first 36 months. These achievements demonstrate his determination, financial acumen, and ability to steer a company towards success even in challenging times.

In addition, Dan led the company’s first strategic planning and culture program. This program included developing emotional intelligence and leadership bench programs implemented throughout the organization, building a more sustainable business enterprise.

Dan had the privilege of learning firsthand from some of the very best in the construction industry, both within the organizations that employed him and through collaboration with clients, partners, and outside consulting firms.

One of the many highlights of Dan’s career was his invitation to join the Contractor Advisory Board for a global manufacturing company. His pivotal role in providing input on the business model, product development, and marketing of a new product line led to wider acceptance across their industry and fueled growth by broadening their customer base. This experience showcased his industry knowledge and gave him a deeper understanding of manufacturing and product development on a global scale.

H. N. (Andy) Anderson, III
Strategic Partner

Brian Hutton
Strategic Partner
Chelley Patterson, MS PhD
Strategic Partner